Real Estate News

Real Estate News

The Real Estate game can be a difficult one if you don’t know what you are doing.  Getting started in real estate can be a little challenging without the right guidance.  Most new realtors can spend months before they land a solid client. The best realtors know how to use multiple platforms to get ahead of the game and continue to bring in a steady flow of clients.

Once you start to bring in clients you have to make sure that you can prequalify them to make sure that they can afford the home(s) that they are interested in purchasing.  Not all potential clients will qualify. Some prospective home shoppers want gigantic billion dollar castle fortresses with a dragon.  They obviously watch too much Game of Thrones.  Sometimes you will want to feed them to dragons if dragons were real.

Finding the Right Real Estate Client

The best kind of home buyer is cash flush, has immaculate credit and is not picky at all.  Unfortunately, that is a one in a gazillion home shopper. Most home shoppers will have massive blemishes, either on their face or on their credit.  They might try to hide this at first but when you get the chance to check their background paperwork all of the details are going to show up.  You don’t want to prejudge your potential clients, so be nice to everyone and make sure to bend over backwards to make them like you.

closing the deal

Closing the Deal

If everything works out right, the client will take the first highest offer and not try to haggle at all.  This way you can get the highest commission possible and be happy as fuck when you get your commission check.  Make sure to ask for the money. Call you clients everyday and stay in their face about how much you enjoyed spending time with them and reiterate just how much you need that commission check.

If that doesn’t work, then you can always make friends with them and have them refer their friends to you so that you can all go have so much fun together dancing in circles.  Circle dancing is fun.

In Conclusion, to be a great real estate agent you have to be diligent and remember that there is always someone looking for a place to live. Place those ads, go to the meetings and shake lots of hands.  You will find your buyers buddy.